St.Valentine's day.... Or not

I don't like  Valentine's day! I can't stand all the "Valentinalia" seen in shops and on the internet these days with only ONE exception: the felt ornaments made by Bossy's Feltwork .
 Who else could have the idea of a Super Hero Valentine Lamb ?
And this Valentine Pup is equally cute!

I love these things even if they are for Valentine's day!
Felt ornaments on sale in their shop are handcrafted by Amy Lum, Mandy Troxel and Kari Van Gelder on Orcas Island...There are  tiny masterpieces, such as this Chicken in a walnut

..Or this colourful composition, Bunny in the grass


  1. The concentration on the dog's face is perfect!

  2. ...the more cute puppets ever! Super Lamb is an astonishing idea :)

  3. Your blog is very sweet....Its a great idea.!!! Loan Against My Watch

  4. Dear Elena, these felt ornaments are so cute! I love it!! :)
    Hugs erba


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